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Julia Overway
M.A. LMFT #128938

Marriage & Family Therapist
Integrative Consciousness & Health Coach

Inner Terrain was created to help people explore and discover their authentic selves to better understand their energetic bodies by integrating consciousness and our place in the natural world.  Through this process of understanding we open the door to knowing, grounded in our true expression, and bridging our internal wisdoms and those of the surrounding terrains. Create your path with Inner Terrain through therapy, coaching, and workshops.

Embarking upon therapy will offer an individualized and in-depth exploration of oneself, pulling apart the many layers of our experience and being, and drawing upon both the past and present in order to help one better understand who they truly are, while also cultivating opportunities to engage as their natural selves in the world.  

Inner Terrain

Integrative Therapy & Coaching

Meet Julia
Two Dried Leaves
Mind, body, spirit

Explore the deep layers and inner landscapes 

of your being to help embody greater integration and bring fluid movement with your mind, body and spirit

Anxiety & Depression

Experience more joy, motivation and grounding by exploring your root experiences

Authentic self

Connect with your deeper purpose and truest self to awaken your authentic being

Creating visions

Learn how to create responsibly the things that you envision

Balance and Energy

Build increased balance and energy through guidance with health and lifestyle


Improve your ability to ground and build energy in your life through mindfulness



"Julia is a highly personalized provider and has remained an integral part of assisting our son with his transition into his first year of college. She has provided him a trusted, knowledgeable, responsible and safe space for anything that he needs assistance with. She establishes professional yet personalized relationships individual to the the client and she will continue to be an important part of our sons life now and in the future.”

Tammy, 2021

"As you start to walk on the way, 

the way appears."


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Kensington, CA

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