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Therapy & Coaching

There are many ways to step into your path toward healing and wellbeing.  Therapy and coaching offer a couple of different ways to help as you build your own empowerment and navigate the intricacies of life.

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Therapy embraces each person as a unique, whole individual, taking an in-depth look at mind, body, and spirit.  With an integrative approach, therapy may interweave multicultural wisdoms and healing practices, including breathwork, guided imagery, meditation, shadow work, and eco therapies in addition to talk therapy.  Inner Terrain allows each person to engage with all layers of themselves to regenerate oneself.  

I will take a holistic and in-depth approach with you to develop a therapeutic space that builds onto the journey that you wish to see.  I offer therapy in telehealth, in-person and eco sessions for those who like to celebrate the integration of nature in their healing.

With an empathetic and mindful approach, I provide therapy for children, adolescents and adults faced with...


-depression and emotional pain

-low self-esteem

-youth in families of divorce


-grief, loss and transitions


-interpersonal and social skills

I honor the way in which each person chooses to create change in their life, and believe that everyone has the magic to make this happen.  I create a space to help you discover the wisdoms within you and within the natural world to expand and empower your consciousness and vibration.

Integrative Consciousness & Health Coaching

Coaching brings focus on the present and future, creating a clear, creation and action-oriented path toward a life that you want to live.  Inner Terrain coaching will provide unique holistic guidance focused on one's authentic exploration of the self and how to manifest their essence within the collective whole. Explore some of the many ways that coaching might be the right fit for you.

-align with your truest self

-grounding and meditation

-raise energy and vibration

-connect to nature

-healthy lifestyle

-hobbies and living beyond technology

There are many things that interfere with our ability to create and sustain inner harmony and balance.  I work with clients to create a personalized plan to more mindfully navigate their lives.  We explore all areas of one's life, mind, body, spirit and environment. 


I take the time to help clients learn more about themselves, but also impacts and understanding from how we nourish ourselves through foods, air, water, reducing EMF exposure, etc. to build empowerment.  We integrate the expanding knowledge and build mindful practices to create the life you envision.

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