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Julia Overway

Marriage and Family Therapist

Integrative Consciousness & Health Coach

Inner Terrain was created to help people explore and discover their authentic selves to better understand their energetic bodies by integrating consciousness and our place in the natural world.  Through this process of understanding we open the door to knowing, grounded in our true expression, and bridging our internal wisdoms and those of the surrounding terrains. Create your path with Inner Terrain through therapy, coaching, and workshops.

Embarking upon therapy will offer an individualized and in-depth exploration of oneself, pulling apart the many layers of our experience and being, and drawing upon both the past and present in order to help one better understand who they truly are, while also cultivating opportunities to engage as their natural selves in the world.  

With Integrative Consciousness & Health Coaching, one will discover how to responsibly and wholly create in their life to manifest their essence within the collective whole.  One-on-one coaching sessions and workshops will offer varying opportunities to authentically align. 


Hobbies Coaching is another unique service offered to guide youth, (ages 12+) as they navigate integration in a technological world, through the building of a healthier relationship with technology and social media use. Through connection to the Earth, their inner selves, and the interconnectedness of life, Julia inspires youth to embrace and manifest balance, while also cultivating their unique talents and expressions.  

Julia Overway was born and raised in the bay area.  After receiving her Sociology degree at The University of Oregon, she pursued her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at The Wright Institute in Berkeley.  Julia completed her clinical hours working with foster youth and families, in a community clinic, and in elementary and high schools.  She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California.  Julia integrates multicultural wisdoms and groundbreaking terrain theories in a holistic approach. 

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