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The Wave of a Word

Realizing the power behind words we say, read, and internalize

Imagine a wave in the ocean. You’re standing on the beach and you see a wave crash on the sandy shore, being sucked back out to sea, and another wave circling and forming to crash again on the surface of the earth. Witness this moment, watching waves, the energy behind each one, the recreation of another, and the impact of its crash onto the sand. We are surrounded by energy of all forms, ones that maybe we don’t see with our eyes, ones that are more tangibly obvious, and even ones that are imposed upon us.

Waves of energy can come in a musical note, a song, a dance, the sun rays, and even more deeply, our words and our thoughts. Just like a wave, a word and a thought produces its own energy and vibration. And with that an impact on the collective. Each word has an energy that ripples into the universe.

While it is one we cannot “see”, it no doubt creates an energetic existence. We may think our thoughts are private and secret, yet they are creating an energy, which others do at some level perceive. What we say, what we think, we create. It sounds so simple, and it really is a simple idea, yet it is an incredibly complex journey for us humans to embrace mindfulness with.

When we can build a conscious and responsible acknowledgement of our words and thoughts we open up an ability to really create something beautiful. Our words and thoughts are not isolated, though. They live in an ocean, a community of other words and thought energies. This is what makes consciousness of words and thoughts so complex, yet so powerful and important. It is when we read or ingest words (billboards, advertisements, music, letters we read or write to others, emails, text messages, blurbs below an Instagram post, pop ups, the mainstream news, and so on) that we respond and create in the community of energy. Each wave we think, say, or ingest, energizes just that, creating that larger wave of what is fed.

There are so many things that affect us and our wellbeing, and words/thoughts are such a seemingly subtle yet ubiquitous element of our energy creation. When we spend time scrolling through social media, mainstream news channels, work stress related emails, angry text messages we energize the frequency of these things. We accept them and fit them into the narrative that runs our lives.

What if you could take a step away, and clear the air in a sense. What would you say, what would you create? What would you be?

Take another moment with me. Read these words: hate, ugly, stupid, nonsense, anti, censor, failure. Reflect on what you feel, what you think of when you read or say these words. Noticing your energy level and the color of your thoughts and feelings. Do you feel energized, or do you feel anger, guilt, shame, stress? These words create the energy that they command. It keeps us in that wave of what they say. These words affect what we seek and believe, and can keep us on their path of closure and control.

Now read these words: growth, nature, love, acceptance, peace, beauty, freedom. What is your experience as you read and take in these words? It is a very different energy than those from above. There is openness here, and possibly inspiration.

While we are faced with a complex experience in life, one with many hardships and pains that we must face. It is also possible to be aware of the words we use to narrate our lives, our thoughts and our beliefs. Messages and words of hurt may be imposed upon you, yet there is always that internal, true consciousness of who you are, and within that the choice to create your own words of your life. Calling yourself fat, ugly, stupid, a failure, not good enough, to instead, embracing the wisdoms and love within you of, “I am powerful, I am light, I am love, I am wisdom, I am…”

When we deeply integrate this acknowledgment of the power behind words and thoughts, we can better decide what we want to ingest. Repetition of words and messages upon others does create a narrative within a life (which is why I choose not to engage in the eco chamber of mainstream news, and social media, and instead step into my own life). What we watch, read, say, think or about ourselves is the energy that we will create. Building your empowerment and your spiritual hygiene around this will offer the opportunity to release yourself from the chains of these words. We cannot bury the complexities, pains, fears, etc. It will take moving through those to heal. The energy we want to bring along with us will drive that healing, and it will come in the words and thoughts we say to ourselves, and what we choose to ingest.

Sometimes it will be as simple as the sweetness of a high vibrational word like ‘love’. We all come to our ah-ha moments uniquely and in our own timeline, and we all carry unique stories. The mindfulness of words and thoughts in your world will propel your discovery of who you truly are, and that incredible wisdom that lives in your light.

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