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Wisdoms of Winter

The intricate and multi-dimensional life of the winter season.

Intelligence of water by communicating and cultivating form through freezing (a practice with Veda Austin)

Winter used to be a season that was daunting and scary to me as I was a youth growing up in the Bay Area. I was afraid of its dark, short and cold days, covered by an often gray and white sky, people becoming sick (which is an opportunity purging of toxins), my jeans soaking up the rain-covered sidewalks, and the limited light that the sky embodied. I am someone who loves the sunshine, the warmth of its golden rays, and its long lit days. Still connected to those sun-kissed seasons, I have transformed my connection to the winter in an entirely new way.

It may be my expanded vision and understanding of what ‘time’ is. It is a concept that I don’t fully understand in a 3D world, but I have a higher knowing of its fluidity, boundless boundaries and its own consciousness. I suspect that the inner exploration that I have journeyed through has also brought me to a new place with this season. Winter is dark, it is cold, and with the days being shorter I do find myself resting more and staying inside, finding myself impulsively and mindlessly rejecting the cold sensation by searching for a way to quickly get warm. Yes, warmth is important to a healthy body functioning and surviving. But what about the cold? There is an intelligence there, to embrace an element of cold.

Winter is a season that gets pegged with a lack of brightness. To the contrary, winter carries a different kind of brightness and light, a very strong and powerful one. A type of light that can be seen when we tilt our vision and perspective. It is the kind of brightness that you discover within depths of yourself, an internal light. A light that manifests from the inward to create a brightness and beauty on the outside.

When we are seated in a dark space, it may be physically harder to “see”, but it also births an opportunity to expand vision, that which we deeply listen and witness within ourselves and that of the reflections from those mirroring in return. It is a time to slow the visible fastness (visible within the 3D eye) to a new type of movement, and instead turn inward to the things that we carry. We become beings of creation in the transitory concept of time to destruct, purge and spawn. This regenerative dance is so profound in its wisdom to softly and slowly mother the process of letting go in order to birth a fresh movement and light forward.

The wisdom of the terrain of this season paints itself in the intricate, fine, and spectacular forms of natural art in ice crystals, witnessing the bodies of bare trees, the warm and visible breath as you walk in the cold air, the greenness that begins to emerge on the earth from the wetness of winter, the crisp reflections and shadows upon still waters, the mysterious sounds that vibrate through cracks along frozen lakes, the glimmers of golden lights that people turn on to create warmth.

When we shift our perception of what ‘darkness’ is, we open up a new world of consciousness to understand this energetic dance. Even as winter moves slowly, it is an immense movement. In the darkness there is a whole new dimension in which we can see.

I see winter with a new vision, whereupon it is filled with intricate and magical colors that appear multi-dimensional, allowing for incredible moments of transcending and moving through ‘time’ differently. It is an ethereal passing. It is like walking through mirrors, ice, glass, dimensional colors; and all the while you find yourself passing through this time and space, you begin to truly see a vision of who you are, a connection to your inner light. You become a multi-dimensional crystal of light through the regenerative process of deconstructing and re-creating while igniting a light within you to help you walk the way.

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