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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The hidden powers of empaths
Have you ever experienced what others feel, their energy, emotions, and even their past so deeply without even having to necessarily speak many words to each other? Has this experience caused you to feel intense overwhelm and emotional drainage? Do others ask you for help and advice because they know you are a good listener and will truly understand them without having to ‘do’ much? Are you highly sensitive, and put others before yourself? If these questions ring familiar to you, these could be signs that you are an “empath” in this world.

Empaths are beings that can fully relate and deeply feel and experience that of another. This high sensitivity allows empaths to go beyond logic and words, and instead, have the ability to see someone in their full being, both past and present. When spiritually connected, empaths are able to see, hear and understand in ever more advanced ways. These people are usually so attuned to people that they gravitate toward helping others, as they are natural healers and profoundly good listeners. Empaths listen with more than just their ears, they listen with their eyes, their bodies, and their energy. It is common to feel a noticeable drainage of energy after spending lots of social time or helping others. In this sense, empaths have a hard task at hand of managing the energetic boundaries so as to reduce burn out.

Learning how to mindfully create a healthy energetic balance within yourself as an empath is a beautiful opportunity to harness the full powers and potential of being in this world. While society may often see empaths as “weak” people, they are actually incredibly strong. Having the ability to see, feel and know the full bodied experience of another is truly a gift and a power, and takes incredible amounts of strength. It is through this altruistic ability that an empath can tap into a larger consciousness and support the empowerment of others by creating a deep nurturance and communal bonds. Our biggest challenge as an empath is how to protect the body, mind and spirit you embody, so that you have a rich well to draw upon for yourself and for others.

This exploration of harnessing your powers as an empath and protecting your being can even include identifying energies that are not necessarily visible. Dr. Joe Dispenza describes this simply, “our bodies are surrounded by invisible fields of electromagnetic energy that are always carrying a conscious intention or directive”. Protecting ourselves, as empaths, starts with knowing this aspect about our self. It is from here that we being the empowered empath journey, and we start to recognize our boundaries, what brings strength and grounding, where we start to feel drained, and what our ‘drained’ feels like in the body. This exploration is unique and personal to the individual, as it involves many layers of who you are. A journey is what you make it, and Living Gardens offers you a space to cultivate the whole you.

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