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The Experienced Body

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

How we hold and store emotions, pain, fear, and other energies in our bodies, and ways that this affects our health, wellbeing and happiness.

Our physical bodies tell us a lot about what we hold in relation to emotions, memories, attachments, energies, and the things we have not yet let go of. The body can be a window into our soul that communicates the things in which we have not faced, by way of showing us where we store certain emotions or blockages and how they are manifesting in our being. We need not be bound by this ailment that forms from the seeds of our emotions, memories, and pain, but are given continuous opportunities to see what our inner body and being is holding up in a mirror, asking to re-harmonize that which is off balance, polarized, or strained.

Using a metaphysical approach to dis-eases and illness holistically encapsulates our path toward healing through the process of understanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of our being. Emotions, pains, thoughts, trauma, memories, attachments all take hold and inhabit our bodies in different places, and so it is important to learn the language of our body and sensation. It is also the unique individual’s perspective and conscious (or subconscious) awareness that allows our bodies to create in the form of a dis-ease. It is how we feel about being affected by something in our lives, consciously or unconsciously that then becomes converted into the biological and physical form.

This is not to create a framework of self-blame for our diseases and illnesses, but rather a personal journey into looking inward, exploring the things we have cluttered or blocked up inside of ourselves, emotions, pains and memories that we have neglected or avoided. It takes the readiness with ourselves to stop, reflect and question, what is happening in my life, in me? What is this part of my body honestly telling me about my emotional, spiritual and life experience that needs to be pulled into loving awareness?

When we begin to bring conscious awareness and inquiry to our inner discovery we can approach our dis-eases through a clearing process to support the physical and biological parts to healing. This kind of conscious awareness truly depends on one’s readiness and willingness to open one’s eyes to learning about the parts of ourselves, even if they are painful or scary. Jaques Martel (author of The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases) profoundly says, “The only true power I have is my power over myself: I am the creator of my own life. The more I am aware, the more able I’ll be to achieve the appropriate changes.”

How beautiful it is when we enter into a space of power within our being. This is where change takes its greatest and most monumental strides. Life can throw many different hurdles, challenges, pains, loss, traumas that are so profound on our outlook and movement in our journeys. We all hold things differently, process, perceive, interpret differently. Our bodies can be very clear to what we may not be looking at.

So, what does this mean and look like? There are many intricacies to this way of thought, and each person’s experience and ailment is personal to their story or stories, and their interpretations of them.

Here are some basic ways that emotions can manifest in our physical bodies:

  • Lower back pain/kidneys is related to our feeling of being supported. An ailment here could indicate a fear of not being supported in this world. This could also be a build of energetic fear that’s been lodged in the kidneys because of a resonance in belief structure in not feeling supported by the universe.

  • Skin/touch is generally related to social sensitivity and awareness. Our face and skin is what we show as part of our identity to the world. Problems with the skin is often related to a sensitivity in your being that’s challenged, outraged, or requiring you to override your normal response or feelings. You’re swallowing that expression and no expressing your true feelings.

  • Lungs are about personal boundaries and breathing room, and grief. Many times when we feel we don’t have enough space, boundaries, or when feeling impinged upon our lungs will have an asthmatic or particular response (respiratory infection or cough). When you feel you can’t get enough space to be in your own energy our lungs respond. The lungs also hold unresolved, deep emotional grief and loss.

  • Heart and arteries are about learning and staying in the flow. We have been entrained out of this realm and told what to do, to be in this world as a productive member. When we have an upheaval or heart attack/problems it is about re-evaluating the commitments and obligations that we have made.

  • Knees and ankles are about the direction in which we walk and move into the future. Issues in the knees, kneecaps, ankles is often about accepting the greater good, expressing your feelings fully, and having fear about moving forward. It is common to want to try and control the future outcome or to feel afraid of the future.

  • Stomach and ulcers stores energies related to great fears, insecurity and worry. Stress often inhabits this area, causing feelings of being devoured, worn down, eaten up, low self-esteem, difficulty digesting something, taking too much acidity from others, not speaking our truths. It is like that saying, “I can’t stomach it…”

While each area of the body can have these basic blueprints of what is happening emotionally, and even spiritually, it is unique to each person. Different interpretations can manifest and form in everyone different, and it is that perception piece that is key to understanding ourselves and our bodies better. When we approach ourselves in this multidimensional way we empower ourselves with greater awareness, and love.

“I accept that my body is indicating that it is high time for me to discover the qualities that are in me, to appreciate myself at my true worth, and to accept my need for love.” (Lisa Renee)

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